Android tablet protection

Android tablet protection

Protecting your Android device doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Since you’ve already spent a considerable chunk of money on purchasing your gadget, why spend more for its protection when there are a few free ways to do it? Our guide will help you find ways to safeguard your device without having to invest unnecessarily.

Setting default apps on Android

AndroidTablet_Jan27_AAndroid as a mobile operating system is getting better and better with each successive version. It’s become a viable platform and many manufacturers are releasing new devices, including tablets. One reason for the popularity of the tablet is the app, with many apps often doing the same thing e.g., opening documents.

Android trends for 2014

AndroidTablet_Jan02_ALooking back, 2013 was a good year for Android. A number of powerful devices and tablets were released, making the platform the most popular of the year. This platform also saw two new versions of Android – 4.3 and 4.4 – released, making devices work that much more better.

Buying an Android guide

AndroidTablet_Dec02_AThis holiday season there is a good chance that electronics will be a popular gift. One of the more sought after devices will be tablets, especially those that use Google’s Android operating system, of which there are a wide variety to choose from. Because of this choice, actually picking the right tablet to give as a gift can be a bit of a chore.

Extend your Android's battery life

AndroidTab_Sep09_AThe modern tablet is designed to do almost anything. The internal components of some even rival low-end computers. While this is great news, there is one serious drawback: the battery. While our tablets are becoming increasingly powerful, battery life has remained generally the same – some tablets don’t even last a day.

Google releases new Nexus 7

AndroidTab_Aug09_ATablets are quickly becoming the most popular mobile device. Almost every major mobile device manufacturer makes tablets. One of the more intriguing tablet models is Google’s 7 inch tablet, the Nexus 7. It has proven to be a popular device, and in late July Google held a breakfast meeting where they introduced a new version of tablet.

Optimize Google Play's Settings

AndroidTablet_July15_ATablets are among the most popular tech devices desired and used by business owners and managers. One of the reasons tablets are so popular is the app stores from which users can download apps that will allow them to do almost anything. Android tablets have access to the Google Play store, which will require some optimization when you first get a new tablet.